Lovin’ it?

You are absolutely in love with TheColdShower? Totally addicted to RobPorn? Then help spread it!

Follow me on Twitter and RT as much as you can!

and if you simply want to make me a happy PattinPerv by sharing your collection of RobPorn with me then just send an e-mail!


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HUGE Thanks to RoseArcadia for making the fuckawesome blinkies!

See what she has to say about the Blog here.

10 thoughts on “Lovin’ it?”

  1. april moomaw said:

    danm that was hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mad4hugh said:


    Thanks for that! What a way to start my exceedingly BORING day!

    Hmmmmmm, Rob. 50. *sigh*

  3. albalola gutierrez said:

    woooooo …wow damnnnn those pictures , they are so hot, he look awsomly beautiful…!!!!!!!

  4. I freaking love this site bb! I love you muchly too! #VPP forever!

  5. Oh, Twitter BFF, you is the best! Luv the new look. You get me with the Rob pics, but what really slays me is your awesome talent!

    MWAH! xx

  6. Just picked up one of your buttons for my blog :-) Feel free to grab mine!

    CC x

  7. I have had your button forever hun and dont see mine :((

  8. I love every minute of this!!!

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