Fifty Shades of hot

The editing belongs to MelbieToast, while the words used in the pictures belong to Snowqueens Icedragon. Thanks to both of these amazing and wonderful ladies for allowing me to share their awesome work on the blog. Love you two! <3

Here goes the reason you’re here in the first place:


101_FIFTYSHADES_openyourlegs 102_FIFTYSHADES_mine 93_FIFTYSHADES_takeyourskirtoff 94_FIFTYSHADES_stepoutfromyourskirt 95_FIFTYSHADES_itsintoxicating
96_FIFTYSHADES_roughyousay 97_FIFTYSHADES_blindfoldyou 98_FIFTYSHADES_benddown 99_FIFTYSHADES_stretchyourarmsup 76_FIFTYSHADES_WelcomeHome
77_FIFTYSHADES_nottosleep 78_FIFTYSHADES_jetlag 79_FIFTYSHADES_ofcoursehewould 80_FIFTYSHADES_happytoplay 88_FIFTYSHADES_youlikethecar
89_FIFTYSHADES_somethingrough 90_FIFTYSHADES_somethingrough2 91_FIFTYSHADES_carteblanchewframe 92_FIFTYSHADES_riddingyouofyourclothes FiftyShades_DarkPath
FiftyShades_deepinsideyou FIFTYSHADES_HowmuchIwantyou FiftyShades_Ihaverules FiftyShades_Itsaboutgainingtrust FiftyShades_Iwanttoshowyoumyplayroo
FiftyShades_Iwantyoutowanttopleasem FiftyShades_Themoreyousubmit FiftyShades_Usedtogettingmyownway FiftyShades_youdontknowwhatyoureinf

18 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of hot”

  1. Those were HAWT!!!

  2. elliedgasmswoon said:

    Rose posted her blinky for this on the twilghted thread. Props! All hot now…*goes to jump in the pool-splash!*

    Oh 50… *sigh*


  3. OMFG!!!!! Wha, wha, whaaaaatttt this kid has that makes it so fascinating?
    I feel completely lost.
    These pictures and the phrases…
    WTF!!! It tooks ALL my air from the lungs and I can barely type a decent comment.

    THANK you Baby BB….. is great and thanks to everyone who helped in these beautiful and divine pictures and slogans

  4. All but one of these were created by me, MelbieToast, your resident Fifty Shades addicted cougar h00r! So glad you enjoy them! There are more at my PhotoBucket account here:

  5. Thank you Bleriana… where did you find them? I’m glad they are being found! And also cred Lollypop82 for all the manips used in these Fifty Shades pics/w quotes…she is awesome!

  6. I’m not in on the “Fifty Shades” references. Is this a fanfic? There are alot of quotes and it seems like they all come from somewhere, like all from the same story? Stupid question, I know.

    • Melissa….is it EVER a fanfic! Probably the fanfic to end all fanfics, LOL! You can find the link by clicking on the ‘Library’ tab at the top of the page and scroll down until you see ‘Master of The Universe’. We refer to it as ‘MoTU’ for short. Enjoy!

  7. Holy blody fucking mother shit in the heaven!!

    I just drop DEAD!!!
    WTF in the heaven sickness!!

    I just love MOTU!!!
    Now… More then ever!!!

  8. ooooww my god, thank you for all this wonderful pictures, my dear friend Melbie,i’m so glad your pictures are given credit here in The Cold shower, you are so good,and Lollypop 82 to , they are great i love what you done with Fifty !!!

  9. stephanie (luvtwilight72) said:

    OH!!! I luv me some Fifty:) Those were hot, I like the chapter quotes!!

  10. I’m here again , sayinnnn !!Holy fucking god, i’m so dead on the floor right now!!!, thank you , thank you again and again !!!

  11. keyecullen said:

    Holy crap that was hot! All of them were hot! I don’t care if you post them once, twice or three times or all the time! They are fab!!!


  12. Tigerkitten36 said:

    Right lick, save.

    nom nom fifty.

  13. There will never be an E as hot as Fifty…not even the original E! I actually was stuck in the wood camping during the last update (no internet), but my Chica Suz called me & read it to me :)

  14. i know im late with this response, but i just stroked out from all the Fifty.

  15. Wow.. Those were awesome!

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