Check into Rehab

You can find all links to the FF-Rehabs here

MotU I Rehab

Day 1 – RobPornMonday extra hawt because we need #MotURehab and a #MotUSupportGroup

Day2 – #MotUSupportGroup meeting 2: Why do we love #FiftyShades so much?

Day 3 of #MotURehab – What songs/pictures remind you of #FiftyShades?

Day 4 – #MotUIntervention day 4 – What MotU means to me

Day 5  – The last day of #MotURehab are you ready to leave yet?



Darkness Rehab

Day 1 – I’m checking into Rehab again…

Rehab day 2 – why did I love him anyway?

Day 3 – I made a Darkness video!

Day 4 – This songs and pictures will forever remind me of Darkness

#DarknessRehab day 5 – ready to leave?

4 thoughts on “Check into Rehab”

  1. gabstastic said:

    Oh.. what the…

    I’ve been out in rehab for the past 4 months… my BF thought i was overly obssesed or something.. and i think the answer is … or something… now im back again…

    for real…

    this time…

    Thanks ladies… i guess, for opening my eyes to the pervyness of the world, i thought i was going to forget.. silly me…


    check you around! :)

  2. ilovealion said:

    Just signing up to get updates. My friend sent me this link :)

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