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Originally, this post was going to be 100% about how FUCKDAMNHAAAWT Roberto looked at the BD part II premiere in Australia. I mean he looked so delish in suits and stuff, with the right amount of facial hair and right amount of hair on his head. Totally FUCKABLE!

I mean… LOOK AT HIM!

But instead of doing that, I want to focus on something I am not sooo sure about… Robs’ stylists’ uhm… unique taste in shirts…

Robert Pattinson: Miese Laune wegen schlechten Geschmacks? (Bilder: WENN)

Yeah, even Rob didn’t seem to like whatever they made him wear (Yeah, I’d rather stick to the version that someone made him wear it, instead of him picking it out himself, thank you very much).


I know that barely anything can make a beautiful man like ours look bad or would not suit him, but this is definitly one of those times. Gooosh!!

Maybe I’m also slightly biased because I saw a pic of TayTay that made me want to jump him…

Do I spot nipple(s)?? *_*

To sum this up:

Rob looked absolutely hawt as hell during all of the BD part II premiere, until he wore that fuuuuglay shirt.

Or am I the only one not feeling it? Like… maybe I’m all alone in this…? Tell me I’m not. Tell me it’s normal to not like Rob’s clothes… (see what I did there?).

Taylor is seducing but I still wanna bang Rob (minus the fuglay shirt, or any shirt for that matter),