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*** I want to dedicate this Robp0rn-filled post to the very awesome and wonderful  A. Emerson ‏@EmersonWrites known to most of you as cherry.blossomz. CONGRATS ON WINNING THE WRITER’S COFFEE SHOP PUB HOUSE “MAKING OF A MASTERPIECE” CONTEST!! I am as proud of you as a mother would be of a child who becomes president. ;)

p.s. Feel free to stalk her over at  http://aprilemerson.blogspot.com. I know for a fact that she likes being stalked on her website… lol***

Now onto why I will name my firstborn (daughter) after the ELLE magazine. Basically, it can be summed up to me really liking the name Rob’s appearance at ELLE’s 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. Didn’t he look… fuckhawt and yummy?

A little reminder of the original pics can be found over at RPLife:


The others are free to enjoy this tumblr mash-up with me… Wow, that rhymed…





Since I am in real danger of combusting, I better stop now.

Robs smile may never fade,