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I already mentioned some kind of RL problems in the blogpost for the premiere of the Naturally Charlie video and I kind of want to back it up on facts.

First of all though, I want to tell you guys that this is not meant for you to pity me nor do I want to host a pity party in here. I simply feel like you are my extended family and I heard you’re supposed to share the trouble you have with your fam cause venting is good… Or so they say…

Now, let the personalness begin:

  • As you know, I’ve been desperately trying to find a legit job for quite a while now and still had to do a lot of application writing to do as soon as I got back from vacation with the family. Which basically meant about 5 hours a day on the laptop. And when I was not writing applications, I was busy reading and writing.
  • As you all know aswell, the whole driver’s licence deal is going to kill me. I’ve switched my driving instructor because I can’t sit in a car with someone who thinks that it’d be better for me to travel by public means of transport rather than drive my own car and who tells my sister behind my back that he doesn’t think I will ever get the driver’s licence (“if I don’t get that switch in my head off which causes the stress I generally seem to feel” though this part was later on added by my sis which makes me wonder if this is just some damage control move on her side). Truth be told: I CAN fucking drive, just not with him. Apparantly my body has a will of it’s own when I am being yelled at (also known as act of defiance).
    AND I have actually sought out professional help because of said stress. We’ll see if it works.
  • Something you guys don’t know yet, is that my mum’s been struggeling with too high blood pressure and thus I had the duty of constantly checking it and reporting back to her doc. It’s been chewing on my nerves quite a bit because after all the distaster with dad (we had a small car accident on the way to our vacation destiny because he got unconscious right when we got out of the highway and we hit one of the guard rails; nothing happened thankfully, besides the driver’s door being dented). Seems like in the end, both of them will be hypertensive and in need of meds to keep it in check.
  • The 28th of September has kinda been a terrible date for me because the boy I like to call my first love (The story is sooo long, that I might need to dedicate a whole blogpost to it. Lemme know if you wanna year me whine about unrequited love?) celebrated his 22nd birthday and it was his 6th birthday without me by his side. And it made me realize that it’s been 6 and a half years that I’ve suffered for him and that the end is not yet in sight.
  • I know you’re all gonna get my ass for this, because it makes it seem like I am blaiming you for something, but I AM SOOO NOT, ok? I AM NOT BLAMING ANY OF YOU. BUT fact is, I’ve felt quite frustrated with myself for being such a terrible, horrible blogger. I mean I used to blog EVERYDAY back in the day, cut it down to EVERY OTHER DAY so I’d have a bit more free time for the other stuff occupying my mind and time but I can’t even make that! It’s like you had a hobby you LOVED doing once but you can’t find the time to do it anymore so you get superfrustrated because you miss it. Know what I mean? I wanna get back to that. And I hope I will soon! Even though the next project is already lined up and I need to get started on it on Monday…
  • I’ve sorted through my “Downloads” folder and holy damn hell was it full of porn. It took me 3(!!!) days to transfer the pictures, gifs and everything else I had in the accurate folders (I am kinda OCD-ish like that) and know exactly where to search for Robp0rn, normal p0rn and gifs now! SUCCESS!

Speaking of Robp0rn, normal p0rn and gifs…
Enough of the whining and bitching and stuff. Writing it down and expressing my feelings actually did me REALLY good. Weird but true.
You know what would lift my mood even more now? Looking at some Robp0rn fucking finally because I’ve missed it more than Edward misses his daily dose of his personal brand of heroin (see what I did there?)


Today’s theme: A cartoon describing the daily life of a Robperv… Enjoy!

Things I will ask Rob the next time we meet:

And because I’m a lady, I might consider this option:


And because Rob is a man he will react like this…


And because this is a far more realistic reaction for him to have:


And because I still need something to daydream about:

And because I love it when he touches his hair (and I desperately wish I was the one doing it):

And because I have seriously no clue wtf Rob is doing in this picture and need someone to fill me in:

Okay so… wtf was Rob doing last night and why was I not invited to the party?