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Some things are quite natural. Saldy, blogging is not one of them these days, or keeping my promise. This video was originally scheduled to come out on the 28th of September. Sadly I spent that day eating Ben and Jerries and laying around on my couch in my pijamas (more about that tomorrow) thus had to postphone it to the 1st of November. Which I could not meet because family drama did not end when my ice cream was empty. Long story short: I am superhappy to FIIINALLY be able to reveal the oh so big and secret project I’ve been working on for quite a while.



I can’t even begin to express how honoured I sincerely was when the very lovely S.L.Scott (know to some of you as Suzie55, author of the infamous Surferward Legend aka Welcome to Paradise) gave me the opportunity to take a sneak peek at her upcoming novel “Naturally, Charlie” *squees at the memory of it*.


Twenty-five year old Charlotte Charlie Barrow is caught between her old life, and the one she is beginning to build, when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger on the subway. Not looking for romance, she closes her heart off to the possibilities of love. With a knack for mishaps, Charlie maintains her sense of humor while befriending the kind stranger who seems to
be there at all the right times.

New York freelance writer, Charlie Adams, is forging his own path beyond the expectations of the society circles of his childhood. Rejecting family money, and fast-lane friends, he is snubbed by his family as he follows his own compass to a life more extraordinary.

Their chemistry is palpable as they balance precariously on the line that divides them as friends or more.

It’s funny how I first let myself believe that I had the story all figured out. Girl with damaged heart meets charming boy who helps her fix it. Yeah… I wish it had been that easy! But Suzie decided to take us on a much more interesting ride.

Since I’m in serious danger of revealing too much and totes spoiling it for you all, let me just say that this book touched me on a deeper level than many many other books have. I felt connected to Charlie in ways that should not be possible because luckily I did not undergo the same experiences as her, but I still could understand her every motive and her every step.
Not to mention that the relationship Charlie B. and… uhm… Charlie A. have, is oddly familiar to something I might have or might have not witnessed first hand before.

As for why I chose this song and this cover especially, well let’s say that it was on constant loop while reading the story…

Now, while you wait for this kickass novel to come out on the 1st of November, you could shorten up the time with a novlette by S.L.Scott:

Morning Glory is due in October and from the summary alone I can tell that this is going to be a good one…


Hayley Harper has a great marketing job with a Los Angeles television station and a huge blind spot for one of her coworkers, a cameraman named Nick. The two have been best friends since college, but have always been out of sync romantically. As Hayley maneuvers her way through one bad relationship after another, Nick is always right there picking up the pieces of her shattered heart.

When Nick hints that he might be interested in someone new, Hayley begins to see how blind she’s really been to the one person she can’t live without. As the door of opportunity with Nick begins to close, Hayley must decide if she’s willing to risk what she already has with him in order to have it all.




The best book is the one that makes you overthink your own life…