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In celebration of the Nexus Blog Tour

I proudly present:

The Supernova Saga: NEXUS


  1. So we have another topic -other than Rob- to gush about.
  2. People who haven’t read Nexus (or started reading The Supernova Saga) suck.
  3. Dante. Nuff said.

Ok, but now really. CLP has a wonderful way with words and an unique way of getting you involved in a story and topics you are not normally interested in. Not that we are not normally interested in steamy hot (almost)sex… Just thought I should throw that out there.

The final installment in the Supernova Saga – Nexus will be available September 27th 2012!!

More info here: http://cl-parker.blogspot.com/

You don’t want additional info. You wanna order Nexus?? Here’s where you need to be: http://ph.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/books/detail/64

Read it and thank me later,