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My dear senh00ras,

it’s that time of the week again where I shall check in and report back about my life (aka post something on the blog since it’s been too damn long, hasn’t it?).
You wanna know what got me so caught up in it’s webs that I have been too busy to do -well- anything?

A] Writing some damn job applications. And by some, I mean a whole lot. As you know I was gone all of August and had to catch up job application wise. Even though -at this point- everything I do in that department seems fruitless. *le sigh*

B] An ultra secret project that I will officially be able to announce on the 28th of September. *giggles*

The funny thing is: Even when I am busy doing RL stuff, I can’t stop thinking of Rob related stuff. Like Rob searching for a PR person…
Since I am already writing job applications, why not write one for a job I would want more than anything?
But bear with me… I have never written one in english…

Dear Rob . I mean Sir . Master . Mister Pattinson,

I hear you are searching for a PR person. Well -as luck would have it- I am in search for a job in exactly that department.
Basically, I would love to work under you because you are one of the hottest most promising actors of all times and I want to be there when you rise and help you do it too (to the top that is)!
Truth be told, I don’t have much… uhm… experience (in the PR department that is) but I am very willing to learn, very eager to please you and fullfill ALL of your needs.

Would you like to see a work sample?


p.s. I’m as exotic as my name sounds… *wink wink*


And for all the girls who did not find my application letter too appealing:

Special Talents: He can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds.

Rob should def call me for a job interview,