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Ola senh00ras all around the globe.

It’s been a long LOOONG while since I’ve posted and for that I wanna apologize. Before my holidays I scheduled some posts but sadly not enough. Mainly because I hoped I could get my hands on a laptop in the meantime. Which did not quite happen. And posting from my mobile phone is a serious bitch.

But now that I’m back let us talk about the stuff that happened while I was gone. Well everything except the drama.

Let’s start with Robs seriously fucking hot “Comeback” after what I like to call “The most stupid thing a woman has ever done”. I’m sure you all have seen the pictures by now. If not you’re a terrible RPattz fan because everyone and their cat has seen those pics by now…
Anyway, Rob proved once more that he is the hottest male on earth and that it is actually a crime for him to be a bachelor and not have an equally as hot chick by his side (of course I’m talking about me here).

Said hotness continued through all of the Cosmopolis promo. More than once, I was hypnotized by the sexhair. Where has Rob been hiding it all along?

The appearance on MTV… Well I have more to comment on that than Rob’s unlucky hand at choosing something to wear but let’s look at the pic first and check if you notice something, before I tell you what I have noticed.

Tater, your shoes look like there’s tonsa dust on them. Purpose or did ya walk through the desert to get to the show??

Liz, my dear dear Liz, as long as you’re not running a campagne to become a dominatrix in an upcoming movie (or maybe you actually want to be submissive Ana?) you should not wear a leather-dress. I don’t care wheather it’s trés chic right now. Leather should only be worn by the 2 people described 2 sentences before. You’re welcome.

I’m gonna skip the paragraph about the trailer because WTF WAS THAT BS EVEN ABOUT? First we get a teaser of the teaser trailer, only to get the teaser trailer at the VMA’s and then get the “real trailer” on yahoo like 2 days later…? Uhm… yeah.
And don’t even get me started on my disappointment in the Edward styling area.
At least it seems like we’ll get an actual fight in the movie (it kinda pissed me off there was none in the books).

Where was I? Oh yeah, Rob is seriously fucking hot. But you know what else he is? He is supersweet and caring. Him participating in the STAND UP 2 CANCER charity event shows me exactly that. It fills me with great happiness to see someone use his fame to make people aware of something that is so important.

So now that we got the Rob part covered, is anyone interested in MY summer adventures? =P