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Now that we figured out what picture of Rob’s I (and you others) have seen first, let’s go on with what movie I have seen Rob in first. Namely the first installment in the Twilight Saga.

The Twilight Robward also happens to be my favourite Edward. Say whatever you want, but I suspect that the make-up and costume people pulled the -what i like to call “Relationshipeffect”- card and made him look worse, the longer he as with Bella. (Relationshipeffect: The fact that you don’t really care all that much about the way you look because you A] Don’t have to impress members of the opposite sex anymore, you already have a bf/gf AND B] you’re pretty sure the other person loves you no matter how you look.)


Either way… Let us drool on the original Eddieboy for a bit…

Originalward ftw!

p.s. Which Edward is YOUR favourite and why?