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Ola senh0ras!

How time flies by… Can you believe it’s that time of the year again where I’m preparing for holidays? It seems like it was just yesterday that I left you guys to go on vacay… ='( Only 2 more days to go until I’m off to new lands…

The poll two days back showed me that a majority of you h00rs want a Robp0rn filled August… Well so be it then!

15 superhawt posts dedicated to HHH and HHH only! Are you excited yet?

I think you won’t even miss me too much looking at all those haaawt pictures, will you? Well I sure will miss you guys, but thankfully I will be back! =)

Now, onto even happier (or should I say crappier?) topics…

Like that Edward-Disaster…

You can say what you want about this, but imho Edward does not look like Edward anymore… I WANT THE HAIR BACK! WTF? It looks like he used one of those manhairdyers (?) that work like shampoo’s but are supposed to bring your natural haircolor back, but turn them much darker instead -since they are actually hairdyers! Do you know what I mean? It just… Me no gusta alright? ME.NO.GUSTA. At all.

OOOHHH! And I heard about a rumour! US Cosmopolis premiere in New York on the 13th… how true is this? And if it’s true, who is attending? I sure wish I could! *le sigh*

I miss the bouffant,