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… and it’s not a red room of pain I am talking about.

Check the video out and you might find out what it is…



[I hope Lisa will not kill me for the video. A message that should somewhat make it up to her, after the cut.]

Dearest Lisa,

with this (kind of belated) post I want to wish you a very

I was free enough to bring some

and a

who wanted to wish you well in a very special way:

I wish I could’ve brought the CF guys over but I tried to keep this as pg-13 as I could… God knows why (perhaps because I am not sure if you heart could bear all the… excitement? lol).

Ok, all the fun aside: I really do love you to the moon and back Lisa and I wish you the bestest from the depths of my oh-so-pervy heart. That and I am hoping that we get to celebrate birthdays together one day… In a strip club. With Channing Tatum. Because we’d use that “Bail Bleriana out of jail”-fund to hire him for a few hours instead. You just have to make sure I don’t do anything to get myself behind bars after that, alright?

Happiest Birthday to you Lisa!