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I was sooo not going to say anything about this.

I really tried to stay away from the drama as much as I possibly could, but people were asking about my opinion on this so I just have to speak up.

My point of view on this might be very different from everyone else’s though, so consider yourself warned.

First and foremost, I want to say that I am in this fandom for Rob and Rob only.

That being said, I can also admit that -while I care for him deeply, e.g. if someone hurts him, let it be physically or emotionally- I am also fairly certain that he is a grown man (I mean, look at him!!) and can handle difficult situations the way adults should be able to and will see fit. That’s right, the way HE will see fit. Not the way we will see fit or anyone else really, the way HE thinks this situation needs to be handled.

As you all know I was not interested whether or not him and the Stew were getting it on in the first place (to quote a very dear RAoR Angel: “I don’t care who he bangs as long as he is not banging me.”) because I simply believe that we can adore Rob all we want (even when he is taken), but he is still human and thus deserves the privacy any other human has or should have!

And I am applying this rule to this situation aswell.

I don’t really care too much about whether or not KStew cheated on Rob. Well I do actually care for his emotional damage that will surely result from that but at the end of the day, we’re just fans. We can’t do more than feel sorry for him or pity him or whatever, ya know? [On a side note: as someone who has been cheated on I can assure you that pity is the least you need. But maybe that’s just my personal take on things.]

Long Story Short: I will still love Rob, no matter if he decides to forgive the Stew or not. No matter if he becomes the type of guy who bangs everything with tits and at least 3 holes to fill (as a result of the disappointment). No matter what he does, I will be his fan. The only thing I dearly hope is that he learned a lesson from this…

As for the Stew… Well I can’t take a girl seriously who cheated on her ex-bf (the Oregano) with her current/maybe soon ex-bf (Rob) and then again -if the rumours are true, because I haven’t had the nerve or interest to figure that one out yet- cheats on Rob (HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN SHE BE TO CHEAT ON ROB?! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ROBERT FUCK-ME-HARD-PLEASE PATTINSON HERE!!) with that dood who could be her dad. Not to mention is married. And has two kids.
That is all I am going to say about this.

Sooo this is my take on things. You can love me or hate me for it, but that’s not necessarily going to change my opinion.

Last but not least I want to remind you that TCS blog was always intended to be and will forever be a sanctuary for all of us Robh00rs, to get away from the drama and rumours and everything. And that’s what I want to keep up. So please let us leave the drama by the door before we step in and remember that it’s called PERSONAL LIFE for a reason.

Rob, if you need someone to cheer you up feel free to give me a call,