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Dear senh0ras,

are you as dead as I am? Did you  barely survive the latest onslaughter of Robpics?

Black Book was so kind to serve us a new interview and shoot with Rob for the September 2012 issue. If you haven’t yet, read the article/interview at Black Book – Inside The Heart of Robert Pattinson!!


Well I sure had a hard time suriving it… And there are lots of reasons I blame this on. Mainly, Rob being tatt’d… Because you all know that’s what my wet(test) Robward fantasies are made of.

And call me crazy all you want but the black jacket with the white and red stripes just does it for me alright? I might let him keep it on when we’d get it on… js

Oh, Oh, Oh, did you notice the hair as much as I did? My palm is getting all twitchy to touch it and muddle through it and smell it and… yeah, I’m getting a bit overboard with my Robhair-fetisch but well… can you really blame me for that?

Is that a yellow pants covered peen I spot?

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Rob can be my parasite any day,

p.s. I have something important to share with you h00rs and a favour to ask regarding a very dear twitter friend of mine and fellow Twilight-fan:
Some of you might know about Jess’s (@Cullenbanger9) situation already, and the other’s who don’t will know now. She is seriously ill and needs our love and support. You can read the whole story here:

Jess’s Battle, OUR war!

Please consider donating! No matter if money or prayers and positive thoughts!

I know she will appreciate it a lot!