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I have not yet recovered from watching those fuckhawt movies last night so bear with me, will you? What I am experiencing today are the effects of Robgasm, followed by a Tatumgasm and crowned by a Gosgasm… So forgive me if I can’t really give you a good review on the movies…

Cosmopolis was confusing tbh. I didn’t understand much of the storyline. Possibly because I haven’t read the book… But Rob’s performance was outstanding and his hotness? SKYROCKETED INTO THE STRATOSPHERE… or smth… lol
During the whole movie I was all like “This movie was supposed to be about something else other than Robs great performance and hotness right? RIGHT?” lol.
I’ll possibly never find out the answer to that question.

Is it really necessary that I talk about this movie? As if Channing Tatum shacking his wienerpiece is not reason enough to go watch it. Alright, the storyline is… ok, I guess. Didn’t really pay TOO MUCH attention to it tbh. The rest though? Awesome! Great dancing, great men, great bodies!
I’ve never wanted a bachelorette party, let alone a stripper, but after this movie I def want one… I’ll just imagine it’s Channing… Much like I will pretend my husband is Rob when we get it on…

Ryan. Gosling. Nuff said.
Ok I shall say a few more sentences. Ryan being a playboy is just… UNGGG! I’ve seen him be a badass in Drive, the sweet guy next door in The Notebook and a desperate man in Blue Valentine, but they all have nothing on PlayboyGos!
Also a big plus: Emma Stone is in it. And she is fucking awesome. Love that chick to pieces!
Oh, Oh, Oh! And there’s a scene where the Gos is half nekkid. Well just his *ahem* is covered… *thud*

Three movies that couldn’t be more different from one another. But they all had the same effect in the end. Make me a blabbering mess… *sigh*

A threesome with Rob, Channing and Ryan would be awesome,

p.s. I have something important to share with you h00rs and a favour to ask regarding a very dear twitter friend of mine and fellow Twilight-fan:
Some of you might know about Jess’s (@Cullenbanger9) situation already, and the other’s who don’t will know now. She is seriously ill and needs our love and support. You can read the whole story here:

Jess’s Battle, OUR war!

Please consider donating! No matter if money or prayers and positive thoughts!

I know she will appreciate it a lot!