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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

In a TCS EXCLUSIVE our dear guestblogger Kimberly (I should hire her) will lead you through this day!

Just a warning before I start any of this, I’m well aware that most people haven’t had a chance to see Cosmopolis yet with the release dates all over the place so if you don’t want to know anything then I suggest you stop reading right now.

Yes I mean you. Don’t you go complaining afterwards saying you haven’t been warned.

Right so are they gone?? Good let’s get on with this then.

I’m still not sure what I saw and it’s been a few days now since I saw it. I wasn’t as confused as I thought I was going to be while watching it, you could sense there was storyline/plot there. I believe that to understand it further it needs additional viewings.

So, do you think that I’ve been serious for long enough now?? Me too! Time to talk about the real stuff that actually matters.

Thoughts may not be in order they appear.

  • Rob appears in every single scene of this film. Talk about value for money!
  • Those Damn sunglasses. He wears them so often in the film. Gah.
  • There are sadly only 2 sex scenes in this film. The first one appears quite early on in his limo and he’s being ridden by this women who I think is his art dealer. She’s very loud with all her moaning and groaning. I do have to admit that my brain kind of wandered off just before this scene happened, so when it came on with that women being all noisy it woke me back up and I sort of shouted “Woah!” quite loud. Not so good in a cinema I found out.

Look at him and his cheesy grin. That happens just after the above one ends and he’s putting himself back into his jeans.

  • I even found the prostrate check up scene rather more enjoyable than I probably should have too. With all his moans and groans and such great stamina to stay up there like that for the duration of the scene says such great things about it him.
  • Aaaah now here we come to the 2nd sex scene. This one honestly lasts about 5 minutes. He’s being ridden again, he seems to be a fan of letting the women do all the work…….maybe that’s a trait he shares in real life. Hmmmm…..anyway.

They both try to carry on a conversation while all his grunting, groaning and thrusting is going on but you know he’s having difficulties.

  • I love the bed hair here, so cute and the straddling again also he does go for the booby grope just before his big finish.
  • When all has finished and the women gets off the camera pans back up his body and while naked all I could think about was that could the camera just move a little over and give us all the view that we really want to see. Stop hiding the goods.

A lot more happened in this film than sex and I do realise that all I have talked about is the sex but aaah well did you really expect anything else really.

{Bleriana side note: Thank you very, very, very much for doing this Kimberly; you not only saved my ass, but quenched my thirst for Cosmo-Goddies (I hate to wait for something so monumental) and you did a phenomenal job at it too! Thank you hon!}