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That awkward moment when your co-worker asks you for a ruler because she wants to know how long 28,5 cm are (a bit more than 9 inches) and your mind wanders straight to Rob… That even awkwarder moment when she can actually kind of tell what you were thinking and corrects you…


Without a huge intro to this post, I shall jump right ahead at what I wanna say because damn I can’t hold it in any longer… (twhs?)


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Wedding

Someone jump him before I do… Wait, I’ll jump him before anyone else gets the chance to!

I mean some of the hair is back, so obviously he would but holy hawt damn it’s not just the hair. It’s something else that I can’t quite put my finger on, that makes him soooo damn irresistable!! Yes, more so than he usually is.


Dear Rob, why must you look so delish when I am not around huh?

Confession time: I am super proud of him for having grown up finally and worn a SUIT to a wedding, instead of hobo-clothes. Because we all remember that one time when he dressed up as a hobo for something VERY formal… I don’t even remember what it was. All I do remember is that it it was not a Halloween party.

Speaking of Parties… You know what is a requirement for any good party? A good(looking) DJ! Judging by the pictures, Rob was up for that job aswell…



Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Wedding


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Wedding

Someone’s very concentrated…

Am I the only one that was seriously wondering what songs he ended up playing? I wanna know that shit! Did he dedicate a song to Zeffie? Or did he end up playing something supercheesy? He was at a wedding after all… And how exactly did he prepare for this job?

Yeah, I’m totally rambling now, so I better stop…

I bet both my boobs that at least one of the songs was by Van Morrison,