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Olá senhoras!

The time has come (I can barely believe it myself) to discuss the BD part 2 teaser trailer. But before we get to the big stuff, let’s talk about the 10 second preview. One would think that 10 secs wouldn’t give you enough to talk about, but this is the exception that proves the rule.

Something I want to focus on, is Daddyward. Can you guess why? For me, that was the most anticipated part. Was, because after that preview, it is not anymore. Maybe I shouldn’t be this finicky about Renesmee’s age in the movie. On second thought however, don’t you all think it would just be so much cuter if she was 3-4 years old (as described in the book)?

Imagine Rob lifting a toddler vs. the awkward lifting of a child half his size.


Yepp, that’s what I thought…

As far as the trailer goes… It was great as a whole. I was sort of meh about it because I just want the movie already, and a trailer like that is only like… An appetizer you don’t even want, because you want the main course already. KwIm? However, that doesn’t change the fact that I have to make fun of some things and point out others as good in return.


Awww… So glad to see that Bella gets to see her babygirls as just that, a baby. Speaking of Bella, I think Vampella will KICK SOME ASS. There, I said it.


Excuse me but Robward ROCKS the black in this one… js

Breaking Dawn

Is it just me or is anyone else reminded of GREGORIAN when seeing the Volturi in this scene? They better set their entry to a song of them aswell. That might be a bit creepy, but hey…


Yeah, this was not in the trailer, but it’s still creepy so I had to point it out… I mean by the speed she’s growing she’ll look like a 20 year old in what? 2 years? CREEPAY!

Is it November yet?