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I wanna take a short break from perving on Rob (because he looked too fucking hideous in that weird BD part 2 shot that I don’t even want to talk about it)

Does he look like a DILF to you?

to perv on Kellan a bit… Well discuss him is more like it.

Does anyone of you remember that one time when kiTT had just joined twitter and was all over the news? I mean, she literally had people reporting about her -what I like to call a- campaign. #TakeItOffKellan was a hashtag we used to tweet either Kellan Lutz himself or the other twitter-using-twi-cast-members to inform them about the fandom’s collective desire for Kellan to take his shirt completely off during the arm-wrestling scene.

Well that was not quite what seems to have happened in the movie, but we’ll take anything we can get (that involves guns; and I mean the one’s men usually have; no, not the real one’s, their arms! duh).

Now, this is a bit too much for my liking but well… Kellan is still a cutie…

Oh and don’t get me started on this… because I seriously have no words. What the fuck was SM on when she thought this out? SRSLY? Like necrophilia and bestiality was not enough, no, why not put some pedophilia in there aswell? Sheesh…

So what are your thoughts senh0ras? Do you agree with me or do you disagree? And why?

Gotta use what little time I have until November to mock the Twi Saga a bit,