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Hey there ladies!

I’m sort of worried that you did not survive the wave of Robp0rn that crashed over us as a result of the Cosmopolis Promo.

Isn’t it unfair that Rob looked his best in Berlin, especially when I couldn’t be there to salivate over it in person, rather than through pictures?

So unfair!

I have to admit that -even though I was sorta sads that day- BerlinCosmoPromoRob was my favourite! He just looked deliiiish!

As for the giveaway I announced a bit ago…

Due to the fact that LOTS of subscribers or followers on twitter etc. are NOT ACTIVE (and by not active I mean I don’t even know if I can get a hold of them) I have to change up the rules a bit.

Everyone COMMENTING on this or the other post will be considered. I’ll write each name down on a slip of paper and draw by lot. Only luck decides!

The only Hunger Games there might remain in this element, will be me dressing up as Effie. I might do that. Even though it’s embarassing as hell.

*sigh* Oh the things I do for you.

Either way, may the odds be ever in your favour and happy hungergames commenting!