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I know, I know, I promised a Cannesrob -and that long ago too- but much like when you are writing fanfic, sometimes you know whats in your brain, but you can’t write it out.

Besides, I always ended up distracted and sidetracked by the tremendous amount of Robp0rn in my feed…  It was hell! (Ok it was heaven, but you know how sarcastic I can be by now, don’t you?).

In the end, I decided to name this post COSMOPOLISROB instead of CANNESROB2012 because I am going to talk about much more than just Roberto in Cannes…

That still doesn’t change the fact, that this is where we gonna begin.

So Rob in Cannes… was… OMG DIDN’T I TELL YOU FRANCE DOES HIM GOOD? If it’s the water, I want some of it because HOLY GOD he looked GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Not that we didn’t expect him to, but I was actually surprised to find out that he looked better this time around. I guess it’s true: Rob is like wine, the older he gets, the tastier he becomes…

As we know, he was not there just too look pretty however. He was there to promote a movie. Or should I say promote the movie that will probably make people realize he is an ACTOR and not just a pretty face? Even now I am extremly proud of him and happy to call myself a Robfan(girl). I don’t remember who said it, but according to them Cosmopolis deserved not only the Palm d’Or but an Academy Award aswell. I’m pretty sure that I’ll agree after I’ve seen it myself.

Speaking of seeing it myself, can someone tell me why I did not attend the screening in Lisbon, when he looked like this?


Oh yeah, I forgot, Portugal is a bit far away. But how about Paris? Paris would’ve been doable for sure? I mean look how yummy he looked -again, proving my theory that he looks his best in France.


 Now’s the time to get your tissues out bbs. Roberto will be in Berlin tomorrow. And guess who WON’T be there?




So yeah, I might be spending May 31st crying… The only hope I am clinging to right now is that Rob will come dressed like a hobo… But we all know that ain’t going to happen… So if I’m all like:


 tomorrow, don’t panic. It’s normal (as normal as I can get anyway).

Since the future is a bit depressing, let’s go back to the past… France, to be exact… Does anyone of you remember the oh-so-infamous Premiere magazine that we’ve been salivating on for quite the while now?

Well I have good and bad news. The good is: I am doing a worldwide giveaway. The bad is: I only have one magazine to give away.

After going through a million ideas (read: like 2 or 3) I decided that I’ll draw by lot. Though it will be a bit unusual.

You all know I’m a huge fan of The Hunger Games, right? Well they have the option to get food in exchange for having their name in the lot more often.

How about in our case, you get your name into the lot once more when you do one of the following things?

  • Subscribe to the blog
  • Follow me on twitter
  • Comment on this post
To all of you who are subscribed to the blog and/or following me on twitter already:  You are automatically put into the lot as often as you’ve fullfilled the things listed above.

Since I totally suck at explaining this, here a little example:

You get your name thrown into the lot once for subscribing to the blog, Twice for subscribing and following me on twitter and thrice for subscribing, following and commenting on this post.

If you all still have questions, lemme know?

The giveaway will be held until Sunday, 3rd of June so please make sure you’ve done what you’d like to do before then!

May the odds be ever in your favour,

p.s. BTW what do you all think of those Casting rumours of Rob as Finnick Odair? YAY or NAY?