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Yeah, so my birthday was like 3 days ago or something but still. This post is dedicated to the h00rs that made me feel so special that day. And I sorta wanna show off my presents too. Because that’s what I like to do, show off about what I got from the most fantabulous girls in the fandom. =)

Just cos it’s my bday… and I love me some good ole’ wiener piece shakin’… 

So now that I got you h00rs all kinds of hot and bothered, let’s move onto the thank you’s and prezzies…

Special thanks to RoseArcadia (aka Jada) for creating the birthday bash group over on FB and giving people a place to share their wishes, thoughts and perverted pictures. I appreciate any porn I get. Especially the one’s you can only post in secret groups because they’re def not pg-13 anymore. Oh, and Rosie also created the awesome header for the group and the avi’s for twitter. Never in my life have I seen anything that hot with my name on it… roflmao!

I also want to thank my wifey Stephs, because I’m pretty sure she had something to do with it. She’s sneaky and a genius like that. Same goes for kiTT and Lisa. You rock my world!

BIG BIG BIG thank you’s, smooches and boobgropes to all the ladies (there are simply too many to name them all, and knowing my goldfish memory I am bound to forget someone and feel terrible about it as a result) that wished me a happy birthday, gave me p0rn of all kinds as a present and made me feel special. I love you all so much it should be illegal!

Before I get sappy or something uncomfortable like that, let’s move on to the presents.

Thank you very very much again for all the pictures and virtual presents! It meant a lot to me! Hopefully one day, I will be able to return the favour!

Tons of love,