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Well actually it shouldn’t even have to. It’s a one-time chance!!

But kiTT proves that -sometimes you can make exceptions- in her first multichaptered fic

HARVARD CAN WAIT by Tongue-Twied

Story Banners made by creationsJules and 17foreverlisa

Growing up, Bella and Edward learn that being able to be yourself is 50% about where you are and 50% about who you are with. One-shot length with twists you’ll never see coming. E/B and the Handsome Man

The odd thing about rec’d this story is that I had it on my “To-Be-Rec’d” list for so long, I actually got to read it a second time before I remembered that I wanted to do it… I’m weird, am I not? So when I read it about 2 weeks ago, I made the plan to finally tell you guys about it aswell.

kiTT (or as some of you apparantly still call her TT or tonguetwied) has a thing for movie quotes, alright? Like… she loves them. Apparantly said habit has taken over part of her RL too, but that’s a whole nother story altogether.

So she likes movie quotes and kind of, sort of weaves them into the story every now and again. But it’s not necessarily the original characters who say it. Out loud. (see what I did there?)

That being said, the quotes may be there, but that’s where the similiarities to the original Saga stop. The storyline is completely different (oh surprise, right? Who’s rolling their eyes at me yet? *gets out ruler*). And by completely I mean, I’ve never come across anything like it.

Usually -considering the amount of fanfic and books I’ve read so far- I always find a teensy tiny spot that reminds me of another fic/book/movie. When it comes to “Harvard can wait” though, I find none. I just… don’t!

I mean how many stories have you all read that start with a 5 yo Bella and Edward? I bet that there might’ve been a few, but I guarantee you that this one is gonna be nothing like them!

I can’t explain it, really. I can’t really explain the appeal of this story in words (truth be told, usually I always lure you into reading my rec’s by pointing out how much schmexin is in there, don’t I? but in this story, sex is… well it happens, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not the driving force behind the story, kwIm?).

All I can explain to you is that I absolutely love this story, because it has me guessing, expecting, not knowing what will happen next but desperately wanting to. For the first time I’m not sidetracked by thoughts like “OMG WHAT A LEMON!! COLD SHOWER PLEASE!” but “OMG what a twist in the story! I totally had not seen that coming!”. You have to judge for yourselves if you want to have that feeling aswell!

From BellaTesoro

From Kassie (silentlady1)


No idea if kiTT made this on her own or someone made them for her (maybe she can bring some light into the dark?)

Either way, give it a change. You’ll read the 23 not-so-long chapters in a really short time and come back to thank me. Because you will. You absolutely will.

 I would never let Harvard wait (ok for Edward I might would),


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