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Much like every year, the wonderful Jeanette from Robmusement organized a Party Project for Rob, namely Rob’s Birthday Blog Train. It’s always fun to be participating in them and I’m excited to be part of it again this year!

So for today Birthday Wishes are on the schedule. What do we wish for Rob in the upcoming year? It goes without saying that we only wish him the best of the best, but what EXACTLY is that? While the list is really really long, I’d rather stick to what my heart really desires for him. The ULTIMATE wish if you will.

I really wish for him and Cosmopolis to succeed. And when I say succeed I mean an Oscar nomination. That is my biggest wish for him this year. Everything else would make me happy aswell but this would make me ecstatic!

Now it’s your turn: WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR ROB?? 


Please follow the blog train. Your next stop is Tongue~Twied