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My dear h00rs,

it’s our boy’s 26th anniversary of his birth today, aren’t you excited?

I am sort of sad actually. Mainly because I can’t be there to give him the present I would really want to give him.

That being said, I really hope Rob does get some birthday smexin tonight, even though I can’t be there and may all the other wishes he has for this magical day come true!

Since today is mother’s day aswell, I want to take the time to thank Dolores and Clare for creating the two most beautiful creatures in this world! Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Pattinson. Thank you ladies for getting it on with your husbands so many years  ago and for raising these two men!

I also want to thank my mum who brought me into this world for doing… well just that. And for raising me. And all the stuff that accompanied it. Thanks for everything mom.

In general I want to say… Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! Thanks for everything you do! <3

Celebration times c’mon! CELEBRATE!