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And with “Premiere” I mean the french mag that brings us tons of Rob yumminess everytime it features our boy. Who could ever forget the mag we all desperately wanted to get our hands on in June 2010?

Wait… James GRAY?! Coincidence?

And now, two years later, they are featuring our boy again. And mon dieu did they do a great job!!

See? This, THIS is the hairlength I like when it’s all about short hair! This is enough! 

Sadly, I am not allowed to post pictures of what’s inside on here (even though I’d love to; I bought the pdf version of the mag yesterday) but lemme say that those pictures are def haaawt! Can you say: Not one but TWO Robs lying on a bed, only covered by sheets? RED sheets? Yeah… *thud*

Good thing that there is one picture I can share with you all and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Lucky woman!

Robert Pattinson Flugzeug Stewardess Tante

OMG LOOK AT HIM! Awwwwwwww!

How one man can manage to make you go “OMG I WANNA PHUCK YOU” and “OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE!” at the same time will forever be Rob’s secret.

Rob, you’re the nicest thing I’ve seen*,

*this is sort of a quote from Kate Nash’s song “Nicest thing” that I might be listening to right now while eating some Ben and Jerries and crying*