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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Stephanie will lead you through this day!

“I want to say yes just so nervous to dissapoint, give me a day to think on it but most likely will try, if I suck u can fire me.” -Stephanie on her new joboffer.

My answer? “We all know you suck exceptionally well, thus you are offered this job in the first place.”


By now you’re all used to my randomness but i’m gonna need you to hold on tight; this post might go in a few different directions, please strap in and take this ride to crazy town with me mmmkay. First stop, could you imagine Rob telling jokes?? Why did I think of this; I have no idea, oh wait I do…you know those annoying yo momma jokes, you know, yo momma’s so fat blah blah blah…well lookie what I stumbled upon today, an interesting spin on them, one made just for us and Rob…yup, I found my dick is so big jokes, oh hell yeah I did!!! Now ladies and gentlemen, just imagine Rob, on stage talking about his huge peen, I think it would go something like this…

  • My dick is so big, there was once a movie called Godzilla vs. My Dick.
  • My dick is so big, it lives next door.
  • My dick is so big, I entered it in a big-dick contest and it came in first, second, and third.

  • My dick is so big, it votes.
  • My dick is so big, it seats six.
  • My dick is so big, I use a hula hoop as a cock ring.

  • My dick is so big, we use it at parties as a limbo pole.
  • My dick is so big, King Kong is going to crawl up it in the next remake.
  • My dick is so big, it has an opening act.

  • My dick is so big, it has its own dick. And even my dick’s dick is bigger than your dick.
  • My dick is so big, you can’t blow me without a ladder.
  • My dick is so big, I was once in Ohio and got a blow job in Tennessee.

  • My dick’s people will call your people. Let’s have lunch with my dick.
  • My dick is so big, it’s right behind you.


Ok, now, on a serious note, there is one other thing I wanted to discuss today. Now that I have watched Bel Ami, I need to address a concern I have with Uma! Shay and I have already talked about this and neither of us was very happy with her handling of our man’s peen! Uma, really, come on….just ride him fast and hard with no feeling or emotion; that is NOT how you treat our DuRob…or any Rob for that matter!!!!! I felt terrible for him, I wanted to rub it, erm, him and kiss it, erm, him and make it, DAMMIT, I mean him all better!!! So I had something else in mind, some sex acts that I think Rob will approve much more then that one. Let’s break them out, the act, and his reaction! Uma, if you’re reading, take notes!

tumblr_lhmedoSlcl1qcszy4 tumblr_lq03ujYKqo1r0byljo1_400
effy-effy-stonem-freddie-sex-skins-Favim.com-234629 tumblr_lgs7plblcY1qfaikno1_250
tumblr_m06c0pVW541r5xky9o1_500 tumblr_ln2d4rhKHV1qfaikno1_400
tumblr_luvtlowQ8o1qaazquo1_500 tumblr_m0puw6F3lG1qibf8vo1_500

Dont worry Rob, the h00rs know how to take care of you! Now if you’ll all excuse me…






[Bleriana side note: Shannon, admit it. You totally thought we had forgotten about your birthday didn’t you? No tweet from me, no message on facebook, no comment in the group. And the peenpost is finished without a single word lost on you. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THAT WAS! But I didn’t want to spoil the…

Happy Birthday Shannon-poo!!
Hope this day is as amazing and wonderful as you are and may the presents flow like a river! TONS of love from me and Stephs to you! And tons of (virtual) presents too. You already know about my love for p33ncake don’t you?
{Bleriana side note 2: Srsly, I’m o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with them. If anyone of you know how to make them, please don’t hesitate to send it to me for my 21st bday… js}  Since I can’t bake you one myself (you know I would) I’ll just send you a few pictures so you get an idea of what they’d look like…

Hey, they even have peencandles!

^^Obviously yours would read Shannon…

No, no it doesn’t…

*throws p33nfetti*