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I bet you thought I fprgot when there was no mention of it on the anniversary post, right? Right? But thing is… As my wifey, you just deserve an extra post for your birthday. I wouldn’t accept doing anything else.

Either way… Before I show ya the presents, a few short words need to be said aswell…

I wholeheartedly wish you the happiest of happy birthdays in the history of birthdays. May whatever you get be the least you deserve baby. Thank you for being my shelter when I have nowhere else to turn to, love you more than words will ever be able to capture.
Tons of love, your wifey B

Donna was so free to send me these two pictures she wanted to give you for your bday…

And now onto my special DAVID GANDY p0rn picspam just for you wifey (because god knows I have none of him *whistles innocently*)


Didn't I tell you to not tell him about TCS? *sigh*

Wait, he was the hottie in that D&G commercial?

              38 David Gandy pic.jpg  Daily Fix | David Gandy - male-models photo   Daily Fix | David Gandy - male-models photo 

I wish I had better photoshop skills and could manip your beautiful face into these:

Last but not least some gifs aswell. Cos I’ve heard you like him better in motion *wink wink*


The awesome Lisa made an avi for us all to use today, so feel free to save it on your computer and change your twitter avi’s! =)