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Omg you h00rs and VPPs all over the planet! Can you believe it’s already been TWO ENTIRE years since the existence of TCS? *insert massive squealing here*


Of course this all wouldn’t have been possible without you all. I probably would’ve stopped blogging looong ago if I hadn’t gotten the response I have gotten from all of you so thank you all so much for the nice words! I appreciate them more than I will ever be able to express!

I have to thank a few people in particular because I feel like their effords need to be pointed out

  • kiTT for awesome ideas for blogpost and those letters from the Zef
  • Lisa for all different kinds of art, let it be avi’s or anything else and for being 1/3 of the evil union kiTT, her and me form
  • My wifey Stephs, for taking over Robp33n Wednesdays, being my shoulder to cry on  and my tower of strenth. You’re the one that believes in me when I don’t anymore
  • RoseArcadia for numerous blinkies, headers and anything else I asked of her -including months of Robp33n Wednesdays posts
  • Adri and Jen for being the only one’s left of the original VPPs. I love you girls with the intensity of 1000 burning suns!
  • Crystal, Debbie, Donna, Elle, Helen, Kimberly, Manuela, Mels, Scarlet, Shay and Shannon for being my closest [twitter] pals and always there when I need someone to talk
  • Lior, Tal and Yvonne for making Berlin so fucking special
  • Jayde and Jet for being into what I am and willed to talk about it to me too
  • George and Jess for perving with me on Tay
  • Mary for feeding our hunger over at TCS Mafia
  • Rena for all the awesome letters I receive from her every month
  • Jules for the überawesome Header and Kassiah for the 1st signature I ever had
  • Trinu and Luci for the two most awesome TCS commercial video’s a h00r could ask for

and so many more!! The list truly goes on and on and on. So many people to thank, so less space… *sigh*

Just a few more mk?

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to TCS, who takes the time to leave comments and supports the site with everything they’ve got from the bottom of my oh so pervy heart!! Without you I’d truly be nothing!

Special shout-out to my TCS Mafia girls over on FB! We had some initial problems at first but now that those are out of the way, I can’t imagine a better place to spend my time on FB on! Thank you ladies for helping to achieve this goal!

Last but not least, huge thanks to all the gals following me over on twitter because those poor ladies have to listen to me bitch about life. Or ramble stupid stuff. Or a combination of both. You never really know with me after all. Thank you so much for bearing with me and returning my tweets!

I’m superduper sure I forgot several but I hope that those people don’t feel overlooked because they’re not on this list. If I ever interacted with you, I am at least in like with you. It’s something very Bleriana-ish to do. And if I am in like with you, I am thankful for having gotten to know you aswell.

Is it just me or does it really look like Rob is having a lot of fun with that thing?

To another year full of Robliciousness and loads and loads of fun! *cheers* Wait… Shouldn’t Rob jump out of a cake for me today?

p.s. In case you wanna look at last year’s anniversary post and see what madness I came up with back then: