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Do you remember how I’d usually post pictures of Rob with the pick-up line in it every other Friday? This Friday I’ve decided to turn it around.

I’ll give you the pick-up line and you go ahead and find the picture that could go along with it?

No matter if from tumblr, your personal stach of Robp0rn or google.

Just leave the pictures of your choice in the comments below or e-mail me at thecoldshower@yahoo.com and by tomorrow I will have them up here so we can enjoy them together.

Ready for the worst pick-up lines in history? Here we go!

  • I may not be a genie but I can make your dreams come true.
  • Are you a magnet because im attracted to you.
  • Baby, my ears are cold . Can I use your thighs as earmuffs?
I told ya there bad… And I got TONS more of these!

Rob better have better one’s in RL,

Quick PSA:
In case you’re wondering about my lack of posts and my general suckiness as the h00rette de la TCS, it’s not because I suck in general (which I do but that’s a different story) or do not care about the blog anymore but because I’m currently in the process of writing my first fanfic. No idea if I’ll ever get it finished or even publish it (in that case I’ll probs do it anonymous anyway) but I can’t get the damn story outta my head so I had to put pen to paper and write it… It will probs suck anyway… lol