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^^ The blogtitle sounded waaay funnier (and pervier) in german ya know? Meh…

Recently I’ve found a website that made me totally addicted. I am sure I was playing around with it for at least half an hour, laughing at the results.

It’s pretty easy, you just type in a word (or a few) on http://sloganmaker.com/, click on “Make a slogan” and tadaaaa! magic happens.

Here a few examples of what sloganmaker did with TCS:

  • Everything for The Cold Shower. [I do everything for TCS]
  • The Cold Shower – Simply the freshest. [*giggles*]
  • The Cold Shower a part of your dream. [It certainly was part of my dream…]
  • The Cold Shower brings happiness. [It certainly tries to?]
  • Get more out of life with The Cold Shower. [Which life do you mean?]
  • The Cold Shower thinks twice. [I am not too sure about that…]
  • The Cold Shower makes millions friends. [IT’S THE NEW FACEBOOK!!]
  • Unchallenged, The Cold Shower. [Well we never challenge anyone so…?]
  • More smiles with The Cold Shower. [You all smile more now, don’t you?]
  • It’s not a trick, it’s The Cold Shower. [*nods lots*]
  • The Cold Shower & more. [If I ever open a shop, I will name it this…]
  • The Cold Shower quality without compromise. [What quality?]
  • Who wouldn’t fight for The Cold Shower. [Thank god nobody has to fight for it!]
  • The Cold Shower is the time of my life. [Is it sad that it kind of is?]
  • Whatever you do, it’s The Cold Shower. [I hope not!]
  • The Cold Shower make the old days good. [This made me laugh out loud tbh]
  • Let’s talk about The Cold Shower. [I heard that some people do it…]
  • Any questions? The Cold Shower is the right answer. [I mean we get pretty scientific sometimes…]
  • Stay on the right side, that’s The Cold Shower side. [Dang! And I’ve told people to come to the dark side…]
  • There’s something about The Cold Shower you’ll like. [It might have to do with Robert Pattinson(‘s p33n)]
  • With a name like The Cold Shower ,it has to be good. [This one is actually good!]
  • The Cold Shower the totally different. [It most def is different, no?]
  • Life is well when you keep The Cold Shower. [Yes, it is.]
  • The Cold Shower is your freedom. [Freedom of speech is freedom, right?]
  • Be part of The Cold Shower. [You’re not already?]
  • The Cold Shower means great personality. [True Story!]
  • The Cold Shower brilliant as the sun. [I wouldn’t sign this…]
  • All you need is The Cold Shower. [I would’ve said love but…]
  • Quickest way to The Cold Shower. [How I’m gonna link to the blog from now on]
  • As necessary as The Cold Shower. [I will start saying this now…]
  • If you do not care, The Cold Shower does. [We care about some pretty important thing don’t we?]
  • Get that golden glow with The Cold Shower. [Robp0rn results into afterglow…?]
  • The Cold Shower brings back memories. [Of Cannesrob for instance.]
  • The Cold Shower – always the number one. [Again, not signing this.]
  • It’s wonderful, it’s The Cold Shower. [That’s a good slogan!]
  • The Cold Shower tonight, tomorrow all right. [Seems to be my moto…]
  • Keep smiling with The Cold Shower. [you keep smiling because you…>
  • Have fun, have The Cold Shower. >do have fun right?]
  • The Cold Shower sets you right. [about p33nfacts?]
  • The Cold Shower is so amazing. [It might be…?]
  • The Story begun with The Cold Shower. [I’d love to hear a story that began with TCS!!]
  • Always the real thing, always The Cold Shower. [You always get the real thing at TCS]
  • The Cold Shower saves lifes. [Ok now this is pretty drastic and probably not true]
  • The Cold Shower – This is your playground. [Wow this could be our new slogan..]
  • The Cold Shower that means business. [serious business at that!]
  • The Cold Shower – your vacation. [It is like vacation isn’t it?]
  • The Cold Shower – the bigboy. [Just replace The Cold Shower with Robs p33n]
  • The Cold Shower never lies. [Not that I am aware of at least…=/]

Someone take this tool away from me,