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Yesterday I was at McDonalds. So far so good. But I was not there to eat. Yes, I was there on Lunch Break but I had zero appetite. For food anyway.

Long story short, I was there to use their wifi and watch the Cosmopolis teaser trailer that had come out that morning… Yepp, I was that desperate for it.

Wanna know what happened afterwards (and why this post is titled the way it is)?

Yepp, I might have (silently) orgasmed (on the inside) when I saw the video… In the middle of Mc Donalds. I’m sure I had some post coital bliss going on on mah face. Well I sure as hell was flustered…

Slower version to catch all the goodies…


What is it about pissed Rob that got us all riled up huh?? I just… his voice at the beginning of this trailer already did me in. Without even seeing him at first… Let’s see what the critics have to say about this…

And because all of this is not enough, I was sent a little snippet of angry boobgroping DuRob by a faithful h00r (that would like to stay anonymous) that got going all Meg Ryan again.

There’s always a flood after the drought,