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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Stephanie will lead you through this day!

“I want to say yes just so nervous to dissapoint, give me a day to think on it but most likely will try, if I suck u can fire me.” -Stephanie on her new joboffer.

My answer? “We all know you suck exceptionally well, thus you are offered this job in the first place.”


Ahhhh text messages…I don’t know what I’d do without them.  I know, not a subject we normally cover on Rob P33n Wednesday but since we haven’t caught a glimpse of the deliciousness lately I’m gonna stick with this topic for today.  Now, I think everyone that knows me knows I have a naughty personality, naughty in a good way of course.  So when I get a text from a co-worker the other day that was meant for someone else I had to fuck with her, it was too good to pass up. I’ve decided to share with you all one of the funniest conversations I’ve had. Keep in mind, she thought she was texting a friend, and I will change her names for her privacy…

Karen:  hey momma what you been up too?

Me:  ummm, not much, how bout you?

Karen:  Shit, trying to find an apartment, you still in East Bumble (made up town name again to protect her privacy)

Me:  yeah, where you looking?

Karen:  East Bumble, help me find a cheap 2 bedroom in or around the area, I’m trying to find one.

Me:  I’ll look around.  What else is going on?

Karen:  shit, bored out of my mind.  What are you doing this weekend?

Me: don’t know yet, might go buy a monkey and film a porno.

Karen:  LMAO

Me:  wanna come?

Karen:  Sure, where?

Me:  The monkey is in South Bumble (again, changing town names for privacy) and the porn shoot is in North Bumble, you down?

Karen:  Sure, y not

Me:  cool, do you have a clown suit?

Karen:  (no reply)

Me:  bitch, you got a clown suit or not??

Karen:  oh, no, sorry, I’m at work.  No need to be all hostile, lol

Me:  Shit, I need one, they are gonna pay me good money for this clown porn

Karen:  wait, you’re in the porn shoot?

Me:  yeah, and I need a friend, do you have hooker boots?  I’m supposed to be a clown hooker.

Me:  and btw, can you baby-sit the monkey, I can’t keep him at my house

Karen:  yeah, I have hooker boots, what size are you?

Me:  14

Karen:  let me check with my husband…omg I only have size 7.5

Karen:  till when?

Me:  your husband wears hooker boots?  That’s pretty fucked up.

Me:  Oh, you mean about the monkey?  Lol.  Maybe for like a week, in case we need to do re-shoots.

Me:  he’s house trained, he’ll sleep in bed with you.  He’s not too big, only like 250 lbs.

Karen:  go to the sex shop, they have hooker boots.  Let me check with my gramma about the monkey, we are staying with her, she might not let me.(Now here I really start to worry…is she really going to ask her husband and her gramma this??  WTF LOL)

Me:  oh shit, don’t tell her, just hide him, he doesn’t smell too bad.  How’s her vision, maybe just dress him like a person.

Karen:  it’s kinda hard, she goes into my room.  Wait the monkey is for the porn?  Is someone fucking the monkey?  I’m NOT FUCKING NO MONKEY!!  You’re shot out!

Me:  if I don’t bring a friend they’ll kill me

Karen:  I’ll see if Betty (again name change) can do it. (Again, I’m worried, does she have a friend that she thinks would fuck a monkey????!!!!!)

Me:  shit, I don’t want her to know.  NO, nobody is fucking the monkey.  Damn, that’s pretty sick, and you think I’m shot out??  You’re gross!!  But can you balance on a big ball while juggling and giving head??

Karen:  no, I’m not doing that!

Me:  damn girl, help a sister out, I would do it for you!

At this point she stopped replying…ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!  I did let her in on it later that day, first she laughed, then she got pissed, but luckily now she’s over it.  Sorry, but it was the funniest thing EVER!!!  Lmao!!!

Moral of the story…be careful when texting, and even more careful when texting me

See, Rob appreciates my texts

Sticking with the animal / Circus theme, how about some WFE Rob porn…

I'd love to juggle his balls!!

fangirl giraffe

till the end of time this pic will do things to me...gulp!

Thats a big trunk you have there...the elephant's
isnt so bad either *winks*

oh for fucks sake...thats hot!

talk about some boots *licks*

ummm, is it just me or is the way he's holding
and looking at that mic driving you all
crazy too??!!

I don't think it gets hotter than WFE Rob!!!

do you think he hears "I'm sexy and i know it"
playing over and over in his head?

there go the panties!

and the vag immediately follows

Adorkable at its finest!!!

unless you want me to sit on your face, dont look
at me that way Rob!!

yes, wrap your lips around it...oh god!!!

yeah, i'm a dirty h00r, instant orgasm!!

FUCK!!! That is all!!


k, i'm done, no more witty comments...DED

BTW, hope everyone had a good St. Patty’s day, this was me at the end of the night…