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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Stephanie will lead you through this day!

“I want to say yes just so nervous to dissapoint, give me a day to think on it but most likely will try, if I suck u can fire me.” -Stephanie on her new joboffer.

My answer? “We all know you suck exceptionally well, thus you are offered this job in the first place.”


And the battle rages on…*shakes head*

Well ladies, you know we here at TCS have a strict no drama policy, hence why we always try to stay out of the fights, but everyone once and awhile they get so bad that I feel it necessary to say something. I just don’t understand…I really don’t!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when opinions get ugly and violent I think its really time to take a step back and look at what we are doing…and really remind ourselves, that’s just what they are…opinions!!!

We need to get back to the fun fandom…I miss those days, desperately!! We need to live our own lives without meddling into others, especially those we don’t know. We need to get back to being fans, enjoying the work, the movies, the events, the things we are supposed to focus on. Not personal lives and invasions of privacy and certainly not attacking others for what they believe, for what makes them happy. When I first came here it was for the same purpose we all did, to enjoy, to swoon, to perv and to have fun with friends, cant we just get back to that??

So I’m here, joined forces with anyone who wants to stand with me, and my first taker is the man himself…and his peen!

Yes h00rs, he wants us to get along, he wants us to remember there is more then enough of his p33n to go around. Dont you want to jump on this train with me??? And remember this, while Rob fighting in movies is hot…

It’s not a good look for us and in my opinion if he knew of all this craziness I think this is really how he would feel about it…

So let me be the first to go out there and say…I love you all, no matter what side of this silly war you are on, and I adore Rob, whatever makes him happy and puts a smile on his beautiful face makes me smile too, and since we are fans, shouldn’t that be what we want??

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robpressconf7 new_moon_premiere_photos_robert_smiling images (1) 2255505_1324250673386.88res_500_500

It’s infectious isn’t it *sigh*


Bleriana side note: *nods lots* Couldn’t have said it better wifey!