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It's not gonna suck itself!?

Basically you have two options as a single on Valentines day.

A] You’re totally depressed because you will be forever alone.

This about sums it up...


B] You daydream about what the potential Valentine is missing out on. [Let’s call him Rob.]

I think Imma go with this one this year. I can’t get any more depressed than I possibly am right now…

  • Ultra-funny greeting cards. I am not really an ultra romantic type of person. Not to mention that I am terrible at verbalizing what I feel. So I’ll say it in a funny way. Maybe like this… 

This looks like something I would have made!

  •  Ulta sexy outfits. I think there’s no explanation needed for this one, no? But if you must know, I would probably wear this:

Looks innocent and yet sexy...

  •  The present. Just look at the picture I have in mind mk?  

    I swear to god I'm so going to try this out one day and report back about the reaction I received. I wonder if they have boxes big enough to fit me in there. Because we know I am no Asian (no offense to Asians but they are so tiiiiny! and I am... well not.)

Oh! Oh! Oh! *jumpyclaps* and I forgot a last option you have!

C] You’re all kinds of 

about this holiday because you don’t need a holiday to tell the people you love, that you do just that. Love them. To the moon and back. Or maybe even more.

With that, let me just say that I love you all with the intensity of 1000 burning suns.

Will ya’ll be my Valentines?