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Did my h00rs enjoy and survive the weekend? Hope you all did and are back to continue our schedule of pervin!

Did ya hear the rumours about Cosmopolis being introduced at Cannes? I would absolutely love to go (especially because it falls on my 21st bday). But whatever. Too bad it’s not open for public access (unlike the Berlinale). Before I get too caught up in these thoughts, let’s get da pervain starteyn…

This post is brought to you by the New Moon Soundtrack. I had the weird urge to listen to it while making this post… Odd.

^^Pissed DuRob. Fuck-me-hard-please.

^^Smileyrob is so cuteeee!


^^ Go ahead and act all innocent Rob. We know you got it in you ;)


^^ The first pic speaks volumes, no?


^^Bleriana’s weird thoughts part 1: Rob’s pose reminds me of preschoolkids on pictures. Isn’t that plain wrong?


^^Suitrob… I’d-fuck-you-hard.


^^Don’t u dare deny how much you wanna peck those lips…


^^This is the shirt me and JadaPattinson love to call the 1991-shirt. Cause it looks so old school. Not that it makes us want to rape him any less…


^^Must be the Remember Me Era. Rob never looked better than during those few months in NYC =)


^^I’m thinking about making this my mobile phone back ground. Absolute perfection!

How high are the chances I could get a press pass for the Cannes Film Festival?