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Before you h00rs go all: “OMG Bleriana you attention whore, who the Zef cares if you’re leaving?!” on me, I must inform you that I am not leaving yet EVER.

It’s just that a few days ago I realized that TCS is celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary quite soon and I had a hard time believing it. It just doesn’t feel like I’ve spend approximately 700 days perving on the most gorgeous man alive!! (I don’t care what People Magazine claims) And there’s no end in sight!

But I still started to wonder. How long is a blog supposed to stick around until it retires? I mean it’s not like I haven’t seen it happen a billion times before. Even my most beloved blog (RaoR) shut down eventually!!

Has the time come for TCS to retire aswell? The quality of blogposts has gone down, the statistics are not what they used to be before anymore and I have become quite the failh00r lately too!

The answer is: I can’t even survive shutting this thing down. Probably ever.

This blog and mostly you readers and commentors have given me much more than I have invested in this blog and thus I will keep going until I really can’t anymore (read: until I am dead.)

And in honor of that I want to post some Robporn cos I know you all like it…



^^ I wonder if Rob misses running his hands through his hair and what habit he picked up instead of it now…




^^ We all enjoy Robs tonguerobatics a teensy tad bit too much…



I want to kiss these lips so fucking baaaad!


Sticking around until people are sick of me,

All pictures were “borrowed” by http://-robporn-.tumblr.com/ my favourite go to Robp0rn tumblr. You should check it out!

p.s. If you really do think TCS should be retired, raise your hand now or stfu forever. *winks*