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*looks around*

Are we all still in there? Did everyone survive the holidays? GOOD.

As you might have noticed, there has been a huge hole in the posts department in the past couple of days. That I mean weeks when I say days goes without saying. I have been a total failh00r and for that I must apologize… To my defense: I was not sitting around eating chips! There were tons of things keeping me occupied!!

As the listlover that I am, I made a list for them:

  • Being in Switzerland. For longer than necessary. We originally planned to stay over the weekend but ended up going there on Thursday and coming back Monday evening. 
  • Being in Switzerland. And doing what h00rs do. While I was in Switzerland I was superbusy sightseeing, shopping, starbucksing (Can you believe a small ass town in Switzerland has a Starbucks and my -quite big- city doesn’t?) and perving. Pretty much the usual. Just that I was not perving on Rob. But more about that tomorrow.
  • Reading. And yes, not only fanfic! Remember my new years resolutions? Well I started the year off just right. More about that on Sunday.
  • Collecting. Pictures, Knowledge and jewelry. Ever since I made the decission to actually start a relationship with tumblr, I was trying to get to know it better. What it likes and doesn’t like, where it went to school, what underwear it prefers, stuff like that. Maybe one day we will get past 1st base…? One thing is for sure if tumblr ever finds out about my fuck-buddy relationship with weheartit… That could end badly… Oh, and yesterday I bought 150 bucks worth of jewelry… Thank god due to discount I only had to pay 50… WIIIIN!
As you can clearly read in the list above I might be a bad fangirl but at least I have an excuse for it…Come to the dark side, we have cookies!*

*Dood! This is the dark side! Of course we have no cookies for you!!