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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Stephanie will lead you through this day…

“I want to say yes just so nervous to dissapoint, give me a day to think on it but most likely will try, if I suck u can fire me.” -Stephanie on her new joboffer.

My answer? “We all know you suck exceptionally well, thus you are offered this job in the first place.”


H00rs; the day you are reading this I will be preparing to head into NYC to see Rob…SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  So it goes without saying that this is going to be yet another rambling post because I cant think of anything other then being face to face with The Pretty again and *fingers crossed* that this will be the time I will get my picture with him (even though I was hoping to loose 1,000 lbs between now and then just in case, but the now has come and I’m still a fatty, oh well).

Here’s the deal; Rob will be on The Today Show Thursday morning, I will be heading into the city Wednesday night to spend another night on line in the hopes that he will come outside before or after the show for autographs and pictures.  He’s got a tight schedule that morning because after The Today Show he’s heading over to Regis and Kelly so the time he spends outside will be limited.  We are hoping to get there early enough to be as close to the front of the line as possible.  Now here comes the problem…from what I’ve been told they line up on both sides of the door and there is no guarantee which side Rob will pick, basically it’s the luck of the draw so if I pick the wrong side I will spend the entire day, week, month or possible year kicking myself!!!

I’m basically going into this with nothing but lots of positive thoughts and big hopes but if it doesn’t happen I’m ok with that too!  Just being there, enjoying that moment and being that close to him again is more then enough for me!!  And I promise I will take a ton of pictures to come back with and share with you all!!!  I will try for a p33n pic but I know at WFE it was impossible to get, there are so many people around you that just trying to get your camera angled around them all is hard enough, and honestly when you are right there and you know you only have seconds, you don’t want to remove your eyes from that heavenly face, they are pretty much glued to him!  You might go with big thoughts of everything you want to do but when he’s in front of you, yeah, you’re lucky if you remember your name!!!  Which will also pose a problem if he does come over to me and I have to speak to ask for a picture; words don’t fail me now!!!

Well i’m just about done rambling now, sorry there’s not much, or any p33n in this post but love me thru it people, if I bribe you with pics will you forgive me??

And just one more time may I say I hope Donna had the most spectacular bday ever!!!   I couldnt decide on one so I baked you a few cakes…

And I wanted to get you some gifts…

Then I thought maybe I would take you out to dinner in honor of your bday, but where would we go…

Did you do anything good for your special day???

Is that your head I see under there?? Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me!!

So ladies, wish me luck!!!  And in the comments feel free to pick a side of the line you think I should head to.  Oh yeah, and what item should I bring for an autograph, I’m so torn on that too.