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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Stephanie will lead you through this day…

“I want to say yes just so nervous to dissapoint, give me a day to think on it but most likely will try, if I suck u can fire me.” -Stephanie on her new joboffer.

My answer? “We all know you suck exceptionally well, thus you are offered this job in the first place.”


*raps in my best Eminem voice* GUESS WHO’S BACK….BACK AGAIN…P33N IS BACK…TELL A FRIEND!!!!

And let me say this, it looks like Rob and his h00r slayer missed us just as much as we missed them, he was standing at attention, waving to us, I could almost hear him mumbling under those well fitted suit pants; “Yeah ladies, that’s right, I heard you begging for me, here I am, can you handle it”.

My answer…OMFR YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Or maybe I can’t, I fangirled so hard all day Sunday I felt like I felt like my heart was gonna pound out of my chest and my vag was gonna fall out of my pants onto the floor, I was getting scared I’d have to tell people to step over the puddle I’d created!!! There was so much, all day, one delicious pic after the next and I proclaimed on Twitter quite a few times that this was only day 1 of the BD press tour and I was already almost DED, this man is gonna be the death of us all!!! Does he get hotter as he sleeps, every morning he wakes prettier and prettier??!! Oh Goatee Rob…I love you, I lust you…and I bought tickets, lots of them, when can I cash them in and claim my goatee rides???

And as if that wasn’t enough, it seems to me that Rob is also a little excited to finally get laid in a Twi movie, from the looks of it I think he’s like, yeah, that’s right, everyone always talks smack about me wanting to wait for marriage, well I’m about to pound that kitty until I break the fucking headboard and its giving me some major wood!!

What are the odds this happy fella will remain in the movie?? I’m thinking not too much but we saw it, and we liked it!!!!

*sigh* Here’s hoping the rest of rob’s stops make him as excited as Paris ; P33n don’t fail us now!!!!

We Missed You Robp33n! @Bleriana @stephanieS74 @DebbieCDC

thanks Rose!!

Would you h00rs be mad if I shared some of my fave Paris pics…yeah, I didn’t think so!!

Ash fangirling is priceless!!


UV's mole *sigh*

Oh yeah, and then on Monday, Rob spoke French