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Does anyone but me feel like we are not getting enough Rob these days? Sure tumblr is filled with Robp0rn, but nothing beats the excitement I feel every time I see a new picture. One I hadn’t seen before.

Then I jumped off the selfish fangirl bandwagon and realized that Rob has much deserved this little “vacay” (or whatever you wanna call it). He’s been working non stop the past couple of years and my heart was screaming for him to take a break and recover. Make some music with his friends, hang around with TomStu *wiggles eyebrows like the devil* and do other shit he couldn’t do for what sure feels like forever to him!

And so I say, hang in there h00rs; We’re doing it for Rob…

*opens gates to the Robp0rn Oasis*

Share h00rs, share like our life depended on it (which it does in a way, truth be told)

Who’s in for some Robp0rn?

Psssst!!! The Cold Shower Blog has been nominated in The Tomato Soup Awards for The Smorgasbord Award (best blog)! So has our very own fanfic COUP (in quite a few categories, I might add; Cherry Pop even involves me). This would have not been possible without you! Thanks soooo much!

Get your asses over to http://thetomatosoupaward.blogspot.com/ and please vote! It would make me a verrah verrah happy h00r ;)