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First off I had totes missed the fact that it’s Monday. I mean it’s a holiday here so it feels more like a sunday than anything else. Plus I’ve been ultra confused lately. Too many things happening at once plus me having alzheimer light makes a girl forget where her head is.

Ok who am I kidding… Actually it’s all Robs fault. DID YOU SEE THOSE NEW COSMOPOLIS SET PICS?!?! DID YOU??

Hell I think this movie will kill us before it’s even in the cinemas yet!!


I wants this job...

And while I’m rambling already… Did all of you get their copies of Supernova yet? hmmm?

If you haven’t yet, you should get going already! And then read the Dedications… You might see a name that should be familiar to you… CLP thank you from the depths of my very pervy heart. I felt honored beyond words and I can’t believe you did not tell me you were planning to do that!! Love you to the moon and back! xx

Oh and I started a weight loss campaign this weekend too!

I decided on a 15 minutes workout in the morning before I go to work, taking a walk during lunch and a 30 minute workout on the hometrainer in the evening before I go to bed. And of course cutting down on food…

My goal? Get into shape until my cousin’s wedding in July. Sounds like a plan eh? Hope it does not end up like the plan of going to bed by 11 pm…

OH! OH! OH! Our own h00rfessor  of p33nology RoseArcadia is going to Comic Con this year!! And who’s gonna be there aswell? A panel for Breaking Dawn Part 1. Which again means, Rob might be there too!!

So yeah… Tons of reasons to be superexcited and happy and overwhelmed.

Whats going on in your life’s girls? Ramble away! I’d love to hear about it!

Weirdest post ever,

p.s. Maybe some Robporn can make up for the lack of this post??

blueshivers:  (via queenofindecision)  weheartpattinson:  Rob: It’s the first one of these conventions i’ve done so it’s interesting..Its been amazing, like everyones incredibly nice, no ones rude or anything, everyone just sort of comes up and talks. They just genuinely like the film, so its just quite nice.  Would you endure more events like this?  Rob: Yeah, i wouldn’t have any problem with it at all.  claqueur:  6 fav pictures of a celeb —> Robert Pattinson (asked by anon)  -amora-:    Faceless celeb meme:      ↳ Robert Pattinson     Rob: If I could keep an animal, it would definitely be the elephant.. It’s not just a pet ‘cause you could just lie underneath and it’s basically a house too