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And with this I am kindly inviting you to the 1st TCS Anniversary Celebration Week (ACW)!!!

Never thought this day would come, but now that it actually has, I am soooooooooooooo superproud! I hope you all know I am trying really really hard to not get all sentimental and shit… I’m trying mk?

Today, just one year ago I decided to stop blogging about stoopid stuff nobody wanted to read about and start posting what really matters instead – Robp0rn.

Exactly 365 days ago, TCS -as you know it today- was started. A blog that would bring me unbelievable joy and friendships and a lot more things that I never even hoped for in the days to come.

When I reserved the url on wordress in the middle of January 2010 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Srsly. I just figured I need a blog to perv on the fine specimen walking this planet. Since the blogs I frequented back then were quite tame in comparison to what I had in mind, I decided to start my own… Truth be told, I did not frequent many back then so I did not know I was just in the “wrong” part of the fandom ;)


It’s been quite a ride I tell you; My memory should be quite blurry because so many things have happened during the past year but I am almost sure I can remember all of them; Beginning with the first affiliates, the first blinkie, the initiation of Fiftyp0rn, TCS 2.0 launching, Robp33n Wednesdays, TCS merchandise shops and oh so many other events!

I could go on and on about the history of TCS but I feel like that is not necessary because most of you were right in the middle of it.

And for that I want to thank everyone from the depth of my heart! Thank you all for making this year this amazing. TCS is a family company; without you – I am nothing. Thank you for making me someone!

I’d say much more but I have a whole week to tell you everything I feel and don’t want to repeat myself – too much…


But the celebrations don’t end here girls, they absolutely don’t!

Today also happens to be the birthday of a very dear friend of mine and new Queen of p33n – Stephanie! All good thins happen in May ;)


I wish you a wonderful birthday just like you are. All the best this world has to offer. And I really REALLY hope -from the depths of my pervy heart- that whatever you wish for is the least you get!

Love you more than words can express,



And now onto her bday pressies:

Sorry Stephs, couldn’t resist throwing some PFach in there ;)


And one last thing before I let you go:

My #MotUtribute post!

 Pre-Orders for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY are now available http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/publishinghouse/books/detail/23

MotU I Rehab

Day 1 – RobPornMonday extra hawt because we need #MotURehab and a #MotUSupportGroup

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Day 3 of #MotURehab – What songs/pictures remind you of #FiftyShades?

Day 4 – #MotUIntervention day 4 – What MotU means to me

Day 5  – The last day of #MotURehab are you ready to leave yet?

You might also want to follow E_L_James on twitter for more updates, because that is Icy’s “real” authorette account…

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*takes deep breath* I think I’m done… for now at least.