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It’s Wednesday again! And do you know what that means? Screw humpday… It mean’s Robp33n Wednesday!!

Our very own h00rfessor of p33nology Rose Arcadia will lead you through this day.


Well Fuck Me…I can’t do anything right, can I? Last week, I confessed to having a little…bit of fun on the side. And I felt bad about it. Outing the RobTail as my Sancho was something I wasn’t proud of, but it’s over (for now) and the Robp33n and I are learning to reconnect.

However, looking back on the post, I realized that not only did I break the meaty one’s lil’ heart (I Love You Rod), I also didn’t give you guys one fucking bit of Robp33n. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. No Crotchshots, no slang words for penis, nada! And, it wasn’t too funny either…

SO I figured, I owe you some damn p33n, eh? EH? Come on, sit back, enjoy this:

No, no, no, fuck that, go back and click on it to make that sweet, yummy pic above bigger and get a real good look at that anal impaler…go on, I’ll wait…


OK, you’re back! So…we gotz the Robp33n, what else? OK, ok, I stiffed you on the laughs, cause I don’t care how silly cheating on a penis might sound, that shit hurts! SO, ahhhhh…..mmmmm….oh, alright, this should take care of that! It doesn’t have p33n, but you’ll LOL, and that’s important to us here at Robp33n Wednesdays:

And, last but not least, the fic mention, cause I always throw that in, right? That was the one thing I got right last week. This time, I’ll go with this romantic smexin in Stripped by Punkfarie, cause it’s a great reunion quickie. Just like me and Robp33n. United again and better than ever. *sigh*

“Bella.” I whispered. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Bella.” I said again.

“Edward?” She choked out. There was a brief awkward pause, and then it was like the whole fucking world snapped into place.

We rushed to each other at the same time, the air crackling with our electricity. She was in my fucking arms at last. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. There were no fucking words good enough to express what I was feeling. What we were fucking feeling. It was like waking up after a fucking coma. Her electric current was running through my veins and I almost fucking started crying.

We were fucking whole. Two halves of the same soul rejoined. Our hands were everywhere. Hair, arms, backs, necks. It was a fucking tangled mess, but it was our tangled mess. I carried her in the house, blindly, and slammed the door shut with my foot. The first thing I ran into was the couch and I dropped to my knees, Bella landing with a soft thud on the cushion. Her legs were still wrapped around me.

“Bella.” I murmured into her neck.

“Edward.” It felt so fucking good to hear her say my name. My name never sounded as sweet coming from anyone else. My name was only meant for her lips and if I never heard anyone else say it, it wouldn’t matter. I met her eyes, her gorgeous brown fucking sparkling eyes. I need you they said. I love you.

We simultaneously took a sharp breath and this weird frenzy started as I pressed my lips to hers. She dug her nails into my back, pulling me as close as humanly possible. I welcomed it. I relished the sweet taste of her lips, her warm skin under my fingers. We were grasping and clawing at each other. My hands traveled on their own, going on instinct to the spots they loved to touch. My mind couldn’t keep up; I just fucking let go and let my body take over.

I was tugging her shirt off as she was unzipping my pants. Her panties were on ground before I even realized I had taken them off. I slipped my fingers inside her and it was fucking wonderful.

Bella threw her head back against the couch and moaned. God I fucking missed the sound of her moans. As I pumped my fingers, she snaked her hand around to my back pocket and fumbled around until she pulled out my wallet. If I hadn’t been so engrossed with the sight and sensation of my hand between her legs, I might have questioned her actions. After several attempts, she got out the condom I never had the heart to take out of my wallet.

She pushed my pants and boxers down with her feet and rolled the condom onto me. She managed to do it all in on fluid motion. I don’t ever remember my girl being that fucking graceful, but it was like both of us were moving without thinking. It was fucking natural; automatic.

I removed my fingers and pressed my dick against her. “I love you.” I gasped.

“I love you too.” She moaned. I slid into her, and it was like being welcomed home. I fit inside her perfectly, just like always. She was created for me, and I was created for her. I froze, just enjoying the feeling of her, tight around me. She moaned and bucked her hips against mine, and it was all over for me. I was thrusting into her and she was matching my every movement. It was unlike any of our other sexual encounters.

This time was fucking hungry, and desperate, and needy and a little rough. We were laying claim to each other. We were never going to be fucking separated again.

Afterwards, we lay snuggled on her couch under a blanket. Her fingers where tracing over my face and mine were dancing lightly along her back. We didn’t speak for a long time, just took pleasure in being together.

Finally she broke the silence, “You found me.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Of course. I’m sorry it took so fucking long.” I kissed her forehead.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re here now…you’re really…fucking here.” Bella suddenly burst into tears, pressing her head against my chest. “Oh Edward.”

“I know, love.” I was shedding a few tears myself.

Of course, I had a lot of making up to do for cheating on the Robp33n…I mean, damn Chicas, I thought you liked me?! You know, you KNOW I’m on thin ice with Rob’s chubby, why the fuck did you have to keep sending me the Robtail all week!? For the record, I didn’t look…not really…maybe just a peek…

So yeah, I was in the dog house, which meant some seriously angry sex! And I just took it…cause I had definitely been a bad girl. Kinda like the rough sex E&B have in chapter 1 of Fold Your Wings by Jadalulu:

How did I get here? How badly my mind wants not to feel. To shut off…disconnect. But my body need to feel wins out…

It is enough for me to lose myself…only for a second…

And something escapes through my teeth. It’s a primal, raw sound that comes from me. Guttural and smooth. In any other situation, such a sound would be expected, welcomed. A confirmation of a job well done. But not here. Not within these walls. I know his instruction was to stay quiet, but I’m resigned to my role. I’ve begun to wonder which nights are more to his liking. Those when I’m able to contain myself and follow every rule to precision? Or those like tonight…where my body acts of it’s own accord?

In an instant, his cock is gone from the place where I hate that I crave it.

“Such a big fuckin mouth. Can’t follow a simple goddamn instruction, can you?”

His words are a soundtrack to his body’s rough manipulation of mine, up and off of the bed.

We’re on our feet now.

He remains behind me and holds my arms, elbow to elbow, pinned to my back in both of his hands. We’re walking toward the large, floor to ceiling picture windows. One of his hands leave my arms, but I know not to attempt to shift from my strained position in front of him.

Seconds pass and I hear a faint beep. What the hell?

He’s used a remote to draw back the automatic curtains. The twinkling city lights of Seattle appear before my eyes and my heart rate quickens. We’re in a penthouse, rather high up. And despite my contradicting activities of late, there is a sliver of modesty that is enough to make me hesitant. Words, hot and humid in my ear as the realization of what he’s doing registers.

“Such a disobedient little cock slut. What’s wrong, huh? Is my attention not enough for you? Do you wish to garner more?” My right cheek is pressed against the glass of the smooth window surface. Hot flesh meets cool glass and any objection I may have contemplated is eradicated.

His voice is sarcastic…insidious. “Hmm…that must be it. I’m nothing if not accommodating. You wanna be heard? Then by all means…”

He applies pressure to the side of my head with his hand and drives his cock forward without warning.

I am pinned and impaled.

“Why so quiet now, Isabella? Don’t hold out on me now. Fucking scream. I want the whole fucking city to know what a little whore you are!”

Did I just go from tearful romance to tearfully painful fucking? Sure did :) Gotta love relationships!

Hope I was able to make it up to you, the readers, for neglecting you the last post. I won’t let you down again!!!

Bleriana side note: Oh Rose. You never let us down bb! We love your posts! But if you think you fucked up and thus provide us with an apology post like this, please fuck up more often mk? kthanxbai


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