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Got you with that title now didn’t I?

Fact is: Rob -or his peen for that matter- is inspiring. So much in fact we have woven a whole deal around it. Let me explain:


Lets go back to the 28th of July. RoseArcadia has spotted some HUGE peenp0rn. And the major can be taken quite literal in this case. See yourself:

Well me, @AndyMCope and @MyRobAddiction had been talking about his peen for days on twitter but it was not until that day that we actually went on discussion overdrive. Peensizes in different states were discusses aswell as how the length of certain bodyparts could be related to Robs manmeat…

That’s also when we came up for a great name for said longlife-friend of Rob!

We named it *drumroll*

HHT !!!

No clue what that stands for? Well HHT = Holy hard tool. Inspired by that little gif above… I mean Rob pretty much admited having a big hard tool right then and there right?

And this is not where it stops bbs. Hell no!

A few days later (when we were discussing the HHT again) Adriana joined the discussion and we decided to form a group. Now that group is called *drummroll*


VPP = Very pervy perv

Thanks to Lisa for this one. It's simply ahmazing!

And that was just the beginning of what we planned.

Next up we decided on having a batman-inspired peensign on the sky everytime we wanted to come together to discuss the HHT.

So I asked RobsButtonsBabe to make one for us:


If you thought this is where our crazy plans have stopped, I have to disappoint you. We decided having a theme song aswell…


Well this is the very very shortened version of events. We laughed and perved a lot inbetween but I will not post a full transcript of that.

At least now you know what the fuck I am rambling about when I say HHT and VPP. Or make jokes about theme songs and peensigns in the sky right?


Holy hard tool batman!



It’s award time again!


This time you can nominate not only fics, but authors, fanfic pimpers and so many more!! Take your time and go dew it!

There are 40 categories in which you can nom’ someone and it’s def worth it!

I have been told that TCS fits in quite a few categories but I am leaving it up to you to decide.

The only thing I am asking you to do though is:

Let’s get our girl RoseArcadia a nom! Cause honestly she fucking deserves it.

Since I know you h00rs are lazy, I made a little list:

18. Best Manip Maker


19. Blinky-Master


22. Favorite Fan Video

Fifty Shades [Master of the Universe] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYfFjStQKDc by IAMBIEL