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I’ll just be honest: I had a kick-ass post planned for today BUT then the migraine kicked my ass and I was not able to think straight or do anything that would require it so I’ll just tread you with some Robp0rn today. Hope that is alright with you.

Smoking... literally

For more smoking hawt Robp0rn, read the rest of this post!

It's Mister McBeardy!

Him and his damn lip-licking! grrrr


lusting much?

Drunkrob... Yeah I'd take advantage of him...

Yeah I'd laugh too if my kiss was sold for some major dough (and it was just a damn kiss on the cheek. Imagine how much ppl would pay for one night! No matter what happened said night!)

Some Asscandy just for my girl kiTT. She knows why...

and this one is for Lisa... she also knows why I am sending her asscandy...

One of my favourite twi-scenes. Damn his smile... *melts*

I’d never fake migraine if Rob wanted sex,



It’s Award time again!!!

MILLION DOLLAR BABY BY CLPSUPERSTAR is nom’d for **Hottest lemon** (this one totes deserves the vote. Trust the h00rette, cause I know what I am talking about…)

RIGHTEOUS AND WICKED BY CHERRY.BLOSSOMZ is nom’d for **Most original story** (bb’s I am prereading this fic and I gotta tell you this one is… the death of me. nuff said)

DARKNESS BY CHERRY.BLOSSOMZ is nom’d for **Best AH story** (A fic that makes me go into Rehab is def worth a vote don’t you think?)

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT BY RHIAN0000 is nom’d for **Best canon story** (also one of my faves. Def deserves to win)



This time you can nominate not only fics, but authors, fanfic pimpers and so many more!! Take your time and go dew it!

There are 40 categories in which you can nom’ someone and it’s def worth it!

I have been told that TCS fits in quite a few categories but I am leaving it up to you to decide.

The only thing I am asking you to do though is:

Let’s get our girl RoseArcadia a nom! Cause honestly she fucking deserves it.

Since I know you h00rs are lazy, I made a little list:

18. Best Manip Maker


19. Blinky-Master


22. Favorite Fan Video

Fifty Shades [Master of the Universe] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYfFjStQKDc by IAMBIEL