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You h00rs have been waiting for this post right? I knew it!

Of course I had to make a post like this. It called to me since the moment someone mentioned that Rob was in Texas because…

well almost anyway…

Find out what else is bigger in Texas and if Rob is included in that list… after the cut.

Tbh I was rather concerned cos if everything is BIGGER in Texas maybe that includes women’s boobs and junk-in-the-trunk… and we all know what an Boobs/Asslover our boy is…

But back to the main topic:  Rob WAS in Texas so he had to be BIGGER in that period of time right? To proove that theory I made my way through tweets and pics to confirm whether or not it was true…


The sad thing? NO PEENPORN AT ALL. ANYWHERE!!! I was shocked. Hello?!?! Why did nobody think of that! (Well maybe because they didn’t want to feel like pervs. Duh) The only *HUGE* things I could confirm were the following though:




<< This woman for president! I needs to track her down and become BFFs with her. Srsly. Someone who manages to not only get a pic with only Rob but almost the whole BritPack is my type of people. And dood all three of them look hawtastic!

Also Robs grin is HUGE.




imagebam.com This guy on the very right is a HUGE photowhore. He had at least 3 pics with Rob. Yeah I am jealous.

imagebam.com Nothing particulary HUGE about this pic but I just found the ppl in the background hilar. Plus Rob is sleeping.

imagebam.com This is a bit blurred, but it seems like Rob had a HUGE smile on his face. And he buttoned his shirt right. I am proud of him… actually I am not. Said shirt keeps us from seeing what we want to see most… *huffs*



imagebam.com This woman’s smile is HUGE (truth be told. Mine would be too). Also we can sort of take a look at the #HHT but not quite. Whatever that thing in his pocket is, it is not what I am searching for…

While we’re waiting for confirmation I have some real Peenp0rn to share with you:

Thanks to Wanda for pointing it out!

don’t know if you’ve posted this before or if I am wishfully seeing things, but the gif of Rob running in bel ami clearly shows huge semi-erect peen laying to his right with every stride of that right leg…..i’m just sayin’ i thought this would be perfect for this site……

Thanks to Robmusement for the gif!


Happy Rob is having some fun,



It’s Award time again!!!


This time you can nominate not only fics, but authors, fanfic pimpers and so many more!! Take your time and go dew it!

There are 40 categories in which you can nom’ someone and it’s def worth it!

I have been told that TCS fits in quite a few categories but I am leaving it up to you to decide.

The only thing I am asking you to do though is:

Let’s get our girl RoseArcadia a nom! Cause honestly she fucking deserves it.

Since I know you h00rs are lazy, I made a little list:

18. Best Manip Maker


19. Blinky-Master


22. Favorite Fan Video

Fifty Shades [Master of the Universe] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYfFjStQKDc by IAMBIEL