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Since TCS 2.0 has launched on Monday, I decided to do the following: We’ll have a theme for this week. And it is *drummroll* 5 days of Robp0rn!! Yesterday was day 1 that included looots of Robp0rn as a thanks to Rose and Dreamy for helping me out and today I thought I’d bring out some Fiftyp0rn.



Fifty makes me happy (and horny),



The editing belongs to MelbieToast, while the words used in the pictures belong to Snowqueens Icedragon. Thanks to both of these amazing and wonderful ladies for allowing me to share their awesome work on the blog. Love you two! <3



It’s Award time again!!!


This time you can nominate not only fics, but authors, fanfic pimpers and so many more!! Take your time and go dew it!

There are 40 categories in which you can nom’ someone and it’s def worth it!

I have been told that TCS fits in quite a few categories but I am leaving it up to you to decide.

The only thing I am asking you to do though is:

Let’s get our girl RoseArcadia a nom! Cause honestly she fucking deserves it.

Since I know you h00rs are lazy, I made a little list:

18. Best Manip Maker


19. Blinky-Master


22. Favorite Fan Video

Fifty Shades [Master of the Universe] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYfFjStQKDc by IAMBIEL