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It’s day two of  DarknessRehab and I am still thinking about the things I loved about this fic.

Today I want to remember why I loved the Edward cherry created so freakin much. As you all know I have a tendency to make lists for everything I possibly can so of course I made one for this too!


    He’s a musician

Trust me girls. He is the hawtest one. There may be lots of Musicwards out there but none comes close to this Darkward.


    He’s tender and violent

While he is charming at all times his mood changes from tender to violent quite fast. Which basically means he is perfectly capable of popping your cherry in his bed or fucking you in the rain in an ally.


    He’s a troubled badboy

It’s a well known fact I have a soft spot for badboys. Add the “I don’t know whether to hug him or fuck the shit out of him” effect and my attention is all over that boy.


    He’s master of the dirty talk and just god damn sexy

The proof is available in yesterdays post. All the best quotes. Each one dirtier than the one before. The interesting thing though: It’s never cheap or unclassy. No matter how filthy he is talking…


    He’s worth the experience

Think about it: The last time I went into ff-Rehab it was because of Fifty and MotU. So this character and story must have something special that makes me go into rehab again. Think about it for a hawt second (while staring at the Robp0rn)





I’ll love him forever,



Go read her fic if you haven’t already! Oh and Darkness is nominated for the golden lemon’s ya’ll! Go vote!


Have you h00rs voted for the golden lemons yet? wtf are you waiting for? RUN!!!

Darkness is nominated for Best Cherry Pop AND Best Outdoor Sex or Fucking in Public

Bedroom Confessions is nominated for Best Cockblock

Dicko is nominated for Best Dirty Talking Lemon AND Best Use of Props

Voting Ends 8/30!